hey guys i think we should maybe stop using the “two heads are better than one” phrase cause it’s got underlying sexism. since penises have heads. so it’s saying every dude with a dick is better than someone without

psa over

Is this supposed to be a joke?

  · Can someone please show me where they found out that the leading cause of death for women is men?


I can’t find it anywhere and maybe people are getting wrong information on here? Please help me find a source

Nowhere, because it’s 100% false. The top three causes are heart diseases, cancer, and strokes.


alright everybody just take a deep breath and say it with me:

"there’s no such thing as sluts or whores" ❣◕ ‿ ◕❣

So what should we call people who actively cheat on their significant others?


So I’ve decided I’m officially not wearing a bra for everyday activities (school, shopping, etc) because it is painful, and actually, harmful to my health. Of course, I still need a sports bra for running and yoga and such, but I’ve decided that I’m not gonna make myself uncomfortable just so others don’t have to see my boobs jiggle a little bit.

Bras are harmful to health, now? Sources?


Making fun of men is like pushing someone in a room where the floor is made of pillows.
Making fun of women is like pushing someone when they’re on the edge of a cliff.
You shouldn’t push people, but it makes a much larger difference when its a woman.

Using this logic, it would be perfectly okay for me to mock a depressed man and cause him to commit suicide, but I’d be figuratively killing a woman by saying her eyebrows are too thick.

Stop trying to justify bullying with the lame excuse of “but it’s not as bad!” It doesn’t matter whether you’re making fun of a man or a woman, a child or an adult, a black person or a white person, you’re still an asshole for doing it and you’re an even bigger asshole for trying to make yourself seem not as bad if you do it to the more ~privileged~ person.

  · can everybody just take a minute to report this misogynistic arse of a tumblr please


I’ll report this blog only if you report movethefuckoverbro.