i saw your tags on the post about sex not hurting and no, seriously, not even feel uncomfortable. it's supposed to feel pretty dang good! if it doesn't someone isn't spending enough time to make sure you're aroused enough~


Aw maaaaan. Like legit nothing??? I knew about the no bleeding thing to a degree, I did think I read somewhere that in certain cases girls had hymens that were I guess bigger and more in the way so sometimes they would get “popped”, and it being painful from lack of stimulation etc but I just thought your first time a weird sensation would come with it like the first time you use a tampon your like oh heey that’s a new feeling because you’re so aware of what’s going on. Like it’s not painful, unless you’re not using it right, but it’s just a weird sensation. Except with sex the weird sensation would bece a good (hopefully great) sensation like real quick.

Hhmmm! I need to know more now. Anyone else???

PLEASE do not listen to this person. They are acting as if their personal experience pertains to everyone else which can lead to confusion and worry among women who do feel pain or bleed when they start to have sex.

I’m tired of it being spread around that your first time having sex isn’t supposed to feel weird or uncomfortable at all. For some women, it certainly can. Everybody reacts differently to a wide array of things, both emotionally and physically. Some women can be sufficiently aroused and still bleed the first time, others can have a lot of pain mixed with a lot of pleasure, others have a comfortable time and completely lack pain.

You’re correct in believing that your first few times can feel a bit weird because your body hasn’t adapted to the feel of a penis yet. If you happen to not experience any pain, that’s great! All reactions are normal during earlier sex experiences, and the only time you should start to worry is if you have pleasurable sex frequently and it begins to hurt later on despite being sexually active and being sufficiently aroused.


"I’m not a feminist but-"


Congratulations, you’re proving that you’re just an ignorant asshole who cares more about semantics rather than what the person in question has to say regarding the topic of feminism and gender equality.


hey ladies, why don’t you pursue careers in media if you want better representation, STEM careers to increase our average pay rate, or politics if you want to destroy the patriarchy; it will do so much more than majoring in women’s studies so you can fix what isn’t broken

You do realize that feminism means equality for all genders right? It's not about women being superior to men. We want equality. We aren't man haters. Women against feminism are just misinformed.


  · I need feminism because…


I need feminism because it’s completely acceptable for my boyfriend to obsess over naked women online, destroy my confidence, and not give me half the attention he gives the internet, but I am a slut for having slept with more people than him.

It’s completely unacceptable for him to display this type of behavior. Why are you still with him?


skinny people mad over nicki minaj’s lyrics, please multiply your feelings by 24/7 and then u will perhaps understand a little bit what thick girls may be going thru when your bodies are the ones that are served in stores, represented, desired and glorified……you can cope with 1 song not about u…………….we can do it together. i believe in u 

People are mad about her lyrics because she’s skinny and trying to shame other women for being skinny in order to appease fat activists. We’re not offended at the things she’s saying, it’s just extremely hypocritical of her to bash skinny women when the only thing on her body that’s big is her (fake) ass.


I’m sorry but I don’t care how good your blog is, the minute I see “anti-feminist” in your description I lose all respect for you as a man and I most certainly won’t follow you.

Your “hubby” reblogs pictures of other womens’ asses and boobs but the minute a man says he’s against a certain movement you lose respect for him?


"I don’t need feminism becau-"

Well good for you well done now how about we stop focusing on your life and start thinking about other people who need feminism

You may even discover that you do in fact need it yourself

If you can pull your head out of your ass for that long of course

Well, this is certainly a weak argument. Let’s twist it around and see how you react.

"I need feminism becau-"

Well good for you. Well done. Now how about we stop focusing on your life and start thinking about other people who don’t need feminism?

You may even discover that you do not, in fact, need it yourself…if you can pull your head out of your ass for that long, of course.

  · rape, verb


To plunder, to destroy or despoil.

Used this way since the 17th century. Example:

raped your richest roadstead—I plundered Singapore!

—The English Flag, published in 1891, by Rudyard Kipling, the first Nobel Prize in Literature winner who wrote in English.

Using “rape” as a non-sexual way of referring to the domination of something is not something “fedora-wearing video game /b/tard redditor neckbeards” made up.

SJWs, meet linguistics. You’re welcome.

Feminists: Just because women in the Middle-East face oppression to a higher degree doesn't mean us American ladies can't have it bad as well.
Feminists: Skinny bitches need to shut up about Nicki Minaj's new video. Who cares if you've faced harassment for being skinny? It's SO much worse for fat people. Quit whining.